Matergenics Corrosion Monitoring System

Matergenics customized corrosion monitoring system is designed to collect and analyze corrosion data from proess lines, above-ground, underground facility or CP equipment at the project site, and automatically can pass that datra to the web center. The information is converted into alert messages, indicating changes of conditions at the site, along with regularly scheduled measurement data for archiving system wide CP system performance. As a result, users may access historical corrosion information and view graphical displays of corrosion activity.

Matergenics Wireless Corrosion Monitoring System

Matergenics focuses on reviewing and bringing user-friendly online and wireless devices that can provide performance guidelines, track all-day activity and motivate companies to begin and maintain their systems and underground assets. We recommend these products to create an inclusive, web-based view of system information, which enable individuals and companies to better monitor and manage their assets. We also review off-the-shelf and custom-build solutions from various manufacturers.

Matergenics Recommended Corrosion Monitoring System Will:

Merge corrosion monitoring, online, and wireless technology

Allow effortless, fast self-monitoring

Help manage “your own assets” and lead to a sustainable solution 

The system automatically and wirelessly tracks corrosion activity, temperature, humidity, CP activity time, and steps, featuring:

Easy-to-use, no-hand input of data or buttons to press

Fast and easy setup

All measurements and activities are monitored and transmitted to your computer, smartphone, and server

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